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About Us

24/7 Christian Family Store

It all began after my husband, Tom, died of ALS. The kids and I decided to go on a short-term, short-distance missions trip. (It was in our hometown!) We bought some Bibles to hand out. We were able to give away many of them, but had some leftover after the trip. So, before Christmas, we decided to sell them online. What a joy I felt when, as a homeschool mom, I saw my kids laying their hands on these Bibles and praying for the people getting them! Little did I know what GOD had in mind for us!

GOD continued to open doors and a few months later, on the anniversary of when Tom died, we launched an online Christian bookstore and also went to our first conference as a vendor. GOD continued to move and in 2011 we were able to open our first store at Beulah Beach Camp & Retreat Center in Vermilion, Ohio. Although it was a seasonal store, it was a perfect situation for our family. My kids got to grow up in a wonderful Christian environment while I was open at the Beulah Bookstore.

Although Tom was never able to see the store, he is such a big part of it. He was a teacher and had a love for GOD, people, and books! I could never get him out of a Christian bookstore when we'd go shopping! It is so appropriate that we have dedicated 24/7 Christian Family Store to GOD and to Tom. Our goal is to honor Tom's memory and to

Strive to Glorify GOD 24/7.

The Story Behind the Logo


Our number one goal as a family is to glorify GOD in all areas of our life....all of the time...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cross

The purpose of the logo is to represent who we are. The Cross is in the center not because it's a pretty Christian symbol, but because it is the basis of our belief; the reason for our Hope. If JESUS had not died on the Cross and then, left it empty, just as HE left the tomb empty, we would have no hope and our faith, our Christianity, would be a lie. We chose a rugged cross...not a beautiful one. The Cross was the most horrible, humiliating, torturous way to kill someone. It was saved for only the worst of criminals. It was not perfectly formed or sanded. It had splinters and was extremely heavy. It was not stained the perfect shade of golden oak, instead, it was stained by blood. Without the Cross, we could not be a Christian Family.

The Fish

The fish symbol at the bottom of the logo reminds us how the early Christians had to use that symbol as a kind of secret "handshake" letting another person know that they were also a Christian. They could have been killed for just being a Christian, so they had to be careful and had to worship in secret. It reminds us how fortunate we are to live in a country that is free. A country that allows us to have a Christian Store.

24/7 Christian Family Store

The order of the name is no coincidence either. "24/7" reminds us that we only have a certain number of days in this life. We must make the most of the time we have and use it to Glorify GOD. "Christian" reminds us to put GOD first. Next comes "Family" and last comes "Store". So often it is tempting to put work before family. But children are a heritage from GOD...they are a gift. And they are with us for what seems like only a moment.....then they are grown.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit better. We hope you enjoy shopping in our brand new website store! We are constantly making improvements, so please stop by often. We will always do our very best to help you find the tools you need to witness, to serve, to minister, and to grow closer to CHRIST.

The Stallings Family
JoLynn, Jordan (age 15), Taylee & JamiLynn (twins, age 11)

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